Here I Am includes a simple area in the system Settings for assigning, if desired, defaults for eMail recipients and the subject. If set, these will be used for every new eMail Here I Am makes.
Here I Am is a simple app for sending your location via eMail. While open, it will continually update the available stats. Once you have gotten the accuracy you’re after, just tap the eMail button. That will start an eMail that includes a link with your location. The link is designed so that regular computers will show your location in Google Maps, and iPhone / iPod Touches will show it in the Maps app.
Here I Am relies on your device’s built in location system. This uses a possible combination of Wi-Fi, cell towers, and GPS, depending on which of those technologies your device supports. Therefore, the accuracy that Here I Am can provide will be limited to the quality of the signals your device can get. For instance, buildings and terrain can block signals.
Altitude data is generally only available on devices with GPS, and is not included in the generated eMail.