Stage 1 not only helps time the duration of, and period between, the contractions of labor, it also helps you through the contractions themselves.
Timing a contraction is as simple as tapping “Begin” when it starts, and “End” when it is over.
As you continue to time your contractions, they’ll appear in a list when you aren’t timing one. The duration is shown on the left, with the period between contractions shown on the right. The most recent contraction will show the time it started at full size, while all other will show their start time in small, gray text on the right.
Need to adjust a contraction? If you are in the middle of timing a contraction, tap “Manual” instead of “End”. This will take you directly to the edit screen. Otherwise, tap once on the contraction entry in the main list.
Tapping “Cancel” during a contraction will eliminate the entry all together.